My First Taste and Paint

From the moment I first became conscious of colours and how they build and shape the world around me, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. The unrestrained African jungles and the emboldened culture opened my eyes to the beauty of colours and their impact on life. Everyone deserves to enjoy art as it is- a creative medium to express yourself. And that is why I started “Taste and Paint.”

A Memorable Portrait Sitting with Dr. Rishelle Hume AM

A MEMORABLE PORTRAIT SITTING WITH DR RISHELLE HUME AM When I started the process of finding a sitter for a competition for the National Portrait Gallery, I had a vision to find someone who had a big impact on the lives of the people of Australia. Then through a friend, the Mayor of Wanneroo in […]

Dr Rishelle Hume AM

DR RISHELLE HUME AM I recently had the pleasure to do a portrait sitting with the fascinating Dr Rishelle Hume AM. I didn’t want the opportunity to pass without sharing the achievements of this incredible Australian so I am sharing more about her background below. To learn more about my sitting with Dr Rishelle Hume AM, […]

“Quokka” gets Featured on the new Margaret River Gin Label

One of the most satisfying moments in an artist’s life is when they’re able to share their art with the rest of the world. Sparking discussions and creating a community around your artworks is a dream that many of us share. The pride we attain on such an occasion is one that we’ll never be able to forget. And I was lucky enough to have my “Quokka” featured in Margaret River’s Rhubarb and Hibiscus gin label.